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Healing Benefits of Hot Stone Massages at Serenity Hydration and Spa in Texas

Healing Benefits of Hot Stone Massages at Serenity Hydration and Spa in Texas

A hot stone massage is a massage therapy that uses heated stones to relieve muscle tension. According to numerous studies, the stones’ warmth helps to relax muscles, improve circulation, reduce stress and promote relaxation. 

Hot Massage in Texas: How Does It Work?

Basalt is often used for hot stone massage sessions because of its ability to retain a significant amount of heat. The rocks are heated between 130 and 145 degrees, then placed along a person’s spine or on their stomach, chest, face, palms and feet. Traditional massage techniques are applied during the session, with some therapists using heated stones to massage the client.

The Benefits of Hot Massage Therapy in Texas

Hot stone massage has been around since ancient times, with evidence of its use by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans where it was used as a form of healing therapy. Today, it is still popular among spa-goers. Below, we explore hot stone massage benefits and how they can impact your physical and mental well-being.

Improves Blood Circulation

According to a scientific study, hot massage in Texas improves blood circulation. When the therapist applies pressure to the muscles, this allows for improved blood flow and oxygenation, helping reduce stress and increase overall energy levels. By improving circulation, massage therapy in Texas can help to reduce the risk of developing health issues related to poor blood flow, such as high blood pressure and varicose veins.

Relieves Tension and Pain

Hot massage therapy is also a great way to reduce tension and pain in the body. The heat from the stones helps relax tight muscles and is often used to treat back pain, neck pain and even sports injuries. By targeting specific areas of the body during a hot massage session in a Texas spa, the therapist can knead the source of tension and provide relief.

Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Hot massage therapy is a powerful tool for relieving stress and anxiety. According to scientific research, massage combined with heat can significantly reduce cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, while increasing serotonin levels, facilitating better relaxation. In addition, hot stone massage in Texas is typically done in calming and soothing environments, which is the perfect way for people to relax and de-stress.

Promotes Sleep

2019 study has discovered that hot massage therapy in Texas promotes better sleep. During the session, clients can completely unwind and calm their minds, helping induce a more restful sleep after the massage. Hot massage therapy can also help with muscle soreness that can interfere with rest.

Boosts Immunity

Hot massage therapy in a Henderson spa stimulates the lymphatic system, the part of the body’s immune system responsible for monitoring and destroying the foreign substances that may enter the body. As a result, a heated stone massage can increase immune function, protecting people against various diseases.

Manages Chronic Pain

If you are dealing with chronic pain, visiting a massage spa in Texas may help you alleviate your symptoms. Heated stone massage helps relax muscles, improve circulation and reduce inflammation, which reduces pain caused by chronic conditions. Hot massage therapy also relieves tension headaches, muscle spasms and other muscular discomforts. With regular visits to a Texas spa, hot massage therapy can relieve long-term pain.

Flushes Toxins

One of the most well-known hot stone massage benefits is its ability to flush out toxins from the body. The heat from the stones allows the body to sweat out impurities, helping improve your overall health. Examples of toxins that therapists can flush through a hot massage in Texas include lactic acid and metabolic byproducts.

Kick Back and Relax at Serenity Hydration and Spa in Texas

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At Serenity Hydration and Spa, we offer a peaceful and safe environment where you can focus solely on yourself. Visit our Henderson spa location and enjoy a massage experience unlike any other.